1.Midnight Summer Dream 6:12
2.It's A Small World 4:34
3.Ships That Pass In The Night 4:06
4.European Female (In Celebration Of) 3:58
5.Let's Tango In Paris 3:12
6.Paradise 3:46
7.All Roads Lead To Rome 3:50
8.Blue Sister 3:57
9.Never Say Goodbye 4:10
10.Savage Breast 3:18
11.Pawsher 4:57
12.Permission 4:53
13.Midnight Summer Dream / European Female (Live) 10:18
14.(The Strange Circumstances Which Lead To) Vladimir And Olga (Requesting Rehabilitation In A Siberian Health Resort As A Result Of Stress In Furthering The People's Policies) 3:54
15.Aural Sculpture Manifesto 3:20

Epic Records 1982
total time: 68:33


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