CD: KISS - Hot In The Shade

Gene Simmons
Paul Stanley
Eric Carr
Bruce Kulick

1.Rise To It 4:04
2.Betrayed 3:40
3.Hide Your Heart 4:26
4.Prisoner Of Love 3:45
5.Read My Body 3:49
6.Love's A Slap In The Face 4:05
7.Forever 3:53
8.Silver Spoon 4:42
9.Cadillac Dreams 3:47
10.King Of Hearts 4:27
11.The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away 3:32
12.You Love Me To Hate You 4:04
13.Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell 3:48
14.Little Caesar 3:11
15.Boomerang 3:31

Produced by Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley
Mercury Records 1989
total time: 58:50


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